Humble Flourish Brand was founded based upon the art, ideals and beliefs of its creators – Keith White, Rufus Williams, Julian McDaniel, Chris Mahone and Erik Grayson. What started as a catchy word – Flourish, with the brand’s signature Gold Foil Flourish Tee, quickly moved into a full-scale movement throughout the Southwest region. The oxymoronic name of the brand explains the company’s objective. Juxtaposing the unassertive word “Humble” [reserved, meek, or self-effacing] with the bold and brandish term “Flourish” [to grow, thrive, or prosper], the brand has made a clear statement – be successful in everything you do, but remain mildly modest. The company’s motto “Flourish with the Flourishers” has promoted people of all walks of life to join the movement. From educators to consultants, designers to bankers, from artists to professional athletes, the spread of the brand’s propaganda has Flourishers, Flourishing all over social media.